1975 Ford Escort RS2000 Mk1 *Project*

MODELEscort RS 2000 Mk1
LOCATIONWest Midlands, DY8

1975 Ford Escort RS2000 Mk1 *Project*

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  • Full engine rebuild 2100cc 
  • Virtually all parts to come with car 
  • Owned by our vendor for 43 years 
  • Rolling Chassis and running engine 
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  • Full engine rebuild 2100cc 
  • Virtually all parts to come with car 
  • Owned by our vendor for 43 years 
  • Rolling Chassis and running engine 

Released in 1973, the Ford Escort Mk1 RS2000 was the progression from several successful RS models that dominated the race and rally scene in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s 

This configuration of the type 49 reinforced shell and the bullet proof single OHC 2 litre “pinto” engine is still the weapon of choice for many track and historic rally enthusiasts to this day. 

The main benefits of the 2 litre engine over the Lotus twin cam or Cosworth BDA/BDG engines of the preceding Mexico, RS1600 & RS1800 models is price and reliability. 

The tell-tale signs that you are looking at a RS2000 include the round headlights, slightly flared arches to accommodate the wide wheels and a slightly lower stance than the standard Mk1. 

Out of the box, the 1973 Mk1 could hit 110MPH and go from 0-60MPH in 9 seconds 


Originally purchased in March 1982 by our vendor and used and enjoyed through to the mid-eighties until he decided to take it off the road for restoration 

It was at this point that our vendor decided to, not only restore it but to “upgrade and improve” the already fantastic RS2000.   

As is common in these situations, life took over and the project grew and grew. In fact, what started as a small restoration project turned into a full repaint and restoration project including engine rebuild and chassis refurb.   

The great news is that some of that work, apart from the bodywork, has now been done. Okay it may have been carried out over a period of time that was never envisaged, but with nearly 40 years and loads of work now in the rear-view mirror, someone is going to win a great project. 

The RS2000 will be supplied with the V5 and many invoices documenting the restoration. Our owner has fastidiously logged a lot of the work and will supply a folder that outlines the date and mileage of lots of the upgrades and improvements carried out throughout his ownership. A photo of a few pages is in the image gallery. 

We believe that this RS2000 really is the perfect project for someone with the time and inclination to get the project completed and enjoy what is truly one of the best cars of the 80s. 


As can be seen from the photographs the shell is still in need of attention, the RS2000 may need stripping and rust-proofing ready for the panel operations to be started. The new slam panel and lower front crossmember are now fitted and ready for the rest of the front end to be installed. The wing top rails have been repaired but are in need of attention. The video shows the front panel in situ but please note this is only in place by hand at present. 

In the video you will see lots of parts laid out of which there are the originals and some duplicates, the list is too long to itemise but you can see that there are four original Cibie spotlights, and Cibie headlights, rear lights, a spare roof lining (without sunroof should you want to reinstate the full tin top roof), original inlet manifold and carburettor, windscreen rubber, fuel tank and so on.  Like we say there are a few duplicates, but our vendor would rather hand over everything with the car than sort out all the doubles. Bonus. 

As you can also see within the image gallery, virtually all the body parts needed to complete the project will be supplied to the winning bidder. These parts, listed below, are genuine Ford parts – originally purchased form Withers of Winsford and Bristol Street Motors and still in great condition. 

  • Rear Panel 
  • RS Flared wings x2 
  • Front door skins x2 
  • Front Panel (Currently resting in place) 

Our vendor was at pains to share that during the restoration he did have a small fire to a dust sheet that was used to cover the car, very quickly put out but it did leave some burned lacquer across the roof and sides to the rear of the car. It unfortunately also damaged the nearside rear window rubbers, the rear screen rubbers and the sunroof – but as it is needing a full respray, this will not affect the project too much. 

The floor and underneath are described as very solid although the nearside outer sill could really do with being replaced. 

All the lights are present, remember the RS2000 was driven into the garage complete so everything was stripped ready to be refitted barring the missing items listed throughout this article and possibly the front quarter bumpers and accompanying brackets. 

Lastly the laminated front windscreen did not survive removal and had to be discarded so that will need sourcing as well, obviously these are still available so that should not be a problem 

As you can see, it is a fantastic opportunity to save what is becoming an increasingly rare sight on our roads. 


As you can see from the images the correct RS steering wheel gear knob and dashboard are still in place. There’s also a Pioneer stereo and a power amp present although not currently fitted. We can also share that both door pads and rear quarter panel trims are also in situ. The carpets are present but not fitted. Our vendor believes that the cardboard rear parcel shelf, lower dash shelf and cardboard kick trims will need to be replaced as unfortunately they have perished beyond repair.  

All the seat runners and plastic trims are still with the RS2000 along with two sets of seats that are still very usable, the second set being the rolltop Recaros, unfortunately the headrests are missing so should you decide to fit them then they would need to be sourced.  As you will see from the images, being stored for so long, they are in need of a good clean. 

A full roll cage has been fitted. 


The Mk1 RS2000 car was fitted with the 2.0-litre Pinto engine. It was the first Escort to be powered by the overhead cam four-pot, and once again proved to be a quick and delightful car to drive. Mated to a close ratio synchromesh 4 speed gearbox adapted with a higher gear selector pivot point, thus giving a tighter movement between gear positions and turning gear changes into an efficient, positive experience. 

Originally delivering 100 BHP with a top Speed of 108mph and a 0-60mph time of 9 seconds it was no slouch. Our vendor felt that was not enough so uprated to 2100cc.  The rebore was fitted with brand new pistons and rings, a new oil pump was fitted at the same time along with new bearings, crank and piper fast road cam. It didn’t stop there, a Degas carburettor from a 3.0 litre Capri was fitted along with a 4 into 2 into 1 Janspeed manifold and straight through exhaust. Invoices and images will be provided to the new owner.  

Obviously, a great deal of the work was carried out a few years back now and it may need a tweak here or there, but it has been regularly started and still sounds amazing. It will need to be run in. It can be heard running in the video. 

The gearbox was also overhauled with new main bearings, and a new prop shaft has been fitted. 

Suspension and other 

If you know these cars, you will be aware that the suspension and drivetrain was enhanced over the RS1600 with a 30% upgrade in front spring rates and the de-cambered rear leaf springs and reduced shock absorbers give a slightly lower ride height and improved cornering ability. Already a joy to drive. 

As with the engine, our vendor wanted to improve this area so went to town fitting a quick rack with all new steering linkages and bushes. The lower arms were also replaced. 145 Forest/Gravel front springs, rear CD6 twin eye single leaf springs and Bilstein dampers have been fitted. 

The brakes were also sorted with the front calipers being refurbished, new disks and pads to the front with the respected, upgraded 9-inch Escort Harrier set up to the rear.  Our vendor then replaced the master cylinder and fitted steel brake lines to the front.  

All four RS wheels, with 8 locking wheel nuts are present along with the wheels currently fitted. The tyres are usable but as they will have aged somewhat, they would be best replaced. 

In summary 

Although group 1 homologation was achieved (5000 units built) it is now accepted that around 3500 RS2000 cars left the production line at Aveley. With such low numbers produced it means the Mk1 RS2000 has become seriously collectable and increasingly rare. 

That makes this project a great buy. With a very low number of parts needing to be sourced to complete this example we doubt it will be long before it is back on the road.  With a very realistic reserve and by doing the numbers yourself, the prices of these have climbed and are still climbing. For a relatively small amount you can be part of the fast Ford fraternity. 

In our opinion we see this as a great opportunity and expect the bidding to get very lively so if you are interested, our advice is to get in there quickly.  

Good luck! Please remember, our site uses anti-sniping software which ensures fairness to all bidders. So, if a bid for a lot is received in the last minute, the auction will go into a 2-minute overtime period for each subsequent bid.

Vehicle Location: West Midlands, DY8 – it’s the responsibility of the winning bidder to make collection / transportation arrangements directly with the vendor.

Would like to arrange a viewing or have a question about this RS2000? Please contact us at team@evoke-classics.com and we will speak to the vendor on your behalf.

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