1975 Triumph Stag Automatic

MODELStag Automatic
COLOURJava Green

1975 Triumph Stag Automatic


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  • In Java Green 
  • Part of a deceased estate 
  • Current owner 25 years
  • Rare hard top 
  • Soft top is in excellent condition
  • BUY IT NOW FOR £9,500 ONO

1 in stock

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  • In Java Green 
  • Part of a deceased estate 
  • Current owner 25 years
  • Rare hard top 
  • Soft top is in excellent condition

V8 power. Four seats. Michelotti styling. The Triumph Stag has it all. It’s now one of the most affordable and easiest ways to own classic sports cars. Find a Stag like this, that has been owned for 25 years; cocooned in the Winter but used in the Summer and also restored, and you’re on to a winner. 


We all know a lot about Stags; whole books have been written on them. The Triumph Stag arrived in June 1970. A combination of Italian design flair delivered by Michelotti, and pugnacious determination delivered by Harry Webster saw the Stag become a reality. A 3.0-litre Triumph V8 engine project was well advanced and the established and that slotted straight into the all-new Stag. The rest is history.  

We don’t know a great deal of detail about this Stag as it sadly comes from a deceased estate. Here are the headlines though: 

  • Sid had it 25 years 
  • Alongside the Stag were a couple of classics, one of which we’ve already had the pleasure of marketing and it was a very good car 
  • This Stag had a body restoration a good number of years ago 
  • There is a photographic record in the Gallery 
  • We understand the engine and cooling system were overhauled at that time too 


Everyone wants to talk about the V8. Everyone has an opinion. Most, thank goodness are wrong. The Triumph Stag V8 is a good engine. What let the engine down was two things: a lack of maintenance by owners and a cooling system that was too small. Thankfully, both of those issues today have long ago been rectified so the ‘wise owls’ propping up the bar can be ignored. 

We know the engine in this Stag was overhauled and we understand the radiator was probably replaced. There is a file pack with the Stag. We’ve not forensically examined it, but the new owner will have that pleasure. 

We do know from Terry who is handling the sale on behalf of Sid’s family that: 

  • It drives beautifully 
  • Terry has driven it around Anglesey, where it is based and “drove it around for a good few miles just fine 
  • Sid kept the Stag in a cocoon during the Winter as you’ll see in the Gallery 
  • And for many years his wife Sue used it to go to and from work in the Summer 

The Triumph Stag is GT rather more than an all-out sports car. The 3.0-litre V8 has bundles of low-down torque that makes it ideal for easily covering long distances. The market seems to slightly favour the manual cars. We think they are wrong. The auto suits the car’s big torquey engine and relaxed demeanour rather better. We nearly forgot – it makes a wonderful noise too.  


There is a large photographic restoration file with this Triumph Stag. We’ve selected just a few of major areas so you can see for yourself the amount and extent of repair work that has been carried. If you would like any more information, just give us a shout. 

  • Overall, it is in good condition 
  • The chrome, brightwork, glass, headlamps, bumpers etc are all good
  • The hood is clean and tidy 
  • The rear screen is clear 
  • There is a hard top with the Stag which is in the Gallery 
  • Original wheels are fitted 

We understand the resto was some time ago. There are now signs on the bottom of both door skins of that resto needing some help. We think that is pretty good considering. There are a couple of choices; leave as it is; replace the door skins, or fit repair panels to the lower sections. We’d personally enjoy this Summer, see if the issue progresses, then probably get a couple of repair panels. Again, a choice for the new owner. The images are in the Gallery – they’re all nice and clear. 

The Java Green paintwork looks good given its age. And overall, the impression is a good, clean, very useable classic Stag that can be enjoyed from the get-go. 


The interior is terrific to be honest. Again, check out the Gallery and you’ll see what we mean. 

  • Original Triumph steering wheel 
  • Tan coloured interior 
  • Undamaged dash top in good condition 
  • Wood fascia all in place 
  • The seats are in very good condition 

Most convertibles come in two flavours. They either look good with the hood up, or down. But very rarely both. Michelotti nailed it for Triumph with the Stag. It looks graceful and elegant with the soft top up. When it’s down, with that roll-over bar, it looks bloomin’ gorgeous. This one has the added extra of the rare hard top. There is a picture of it in the Gallery. 

Stags are renowned for their comfort. Just one of many reasons is the multi-adjustable driving position, even the steering column can be tweaked for rake and reach which is common today but was unheard of in the 70s. 


What to check if you’re looking for a good affordable Triumph Stag? 

  • Find one that someone else has spent fortunes on. 
  • Originality, in the interior and engine are important. There’s little point in buying a Stag without a Stag engine
  • One that has been looked after and been in long term ownership 
  • A good document pack 

Then you’ve probably found the one you’ve been looking for.  Good luck bidding!

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