1976 Leyland Mini Clubman 1275 GT

MAKELeyland Cars
MODELMini Clubman 1275 GT
COLOURPageant Blue

1976 Leyland Mini Clubman 1275 GT

  • 32,000 miles from new
  • Matching numbers
  • Many previous paper MOTs
  • Photographic restoration
  • Stored for 14/15 years
  • Thought to have been a University Motors Mini
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  • 32,000 miles from new
  • Matching numbers
  • Many previous paper MOTs
  • Photographic restoration
  • Stored for 14/15 years
  • Thought to have been a University Motors Mini

The Mini 1275 GT was the hot version of the new-look Mini Clubman. It replaced the Mini Cooper S when production ceased in 1971. That left the 1275 GT as the only sporting Mini on sale for the rest of the decade. Hands-up those of us who didn’t want one of these way back then. Even today, it’s a rapid little car, great fun to drive and very, very much in demand.

History and paperwork

  • This Mini 1275 GT was first registered 1 Oct 1976
  • The first MOT in 1980 at 15,550 miles was carried out at University Motors
  • The second MOT in 1981 at 18,687 miles was also carried out at University Motors
  • Work and further MOTs were then completed by Jack Brabham in Ewell in 1989/90 with mileages of 27,163 & 28,795
  • An MOT in 1997 was completed at 31,058 miles

Then we have a period of silence

  • We see that an MOT was then carried out in 2007 at 31,768 miles and the Mini was road taxed in October 2009.
  • Our vendor acquired the Mini 1275 GT in 2022

The University Motors MOT’s are interesting. The BMH Heritage Certificate, which would of course confirm the supplying dealer, has been applied for.

Although this Mini 1275 GT had clearly been off the road for long periods of time, it had not been ignored. Our vendor found obvious traces of work that had been carried out, such as things to stop the brakes seizing on etc.


The Mini 1275 GT Clubman was built on the Mini’s original solid foundations, with sensible improvements. The standard car’s trademark central speedo was replaced by a three-dial binnacle in front of the driver. The Clubman was the first to have a rev counter too.

Two ‘eyeball’ style air vents at either end of the dash provided much improved ventilation.

Overall, the 1275 GT was better spec’d than the early cars, with more refined and high quality materials. The unique, sporty driving position so loved of the Mini’s, remained the same.

The upgrades made to the Clubman didn’t dilute the Mini’s ability to serve up bags of driving fun.

The inside of this Mini is original. If you can find a 1275 GT, you’re likely to find all sorts of modifications, but not in this one. The original blue door and quarter panel cards are in place. The  headlining is in good condition. The dash pad, clocks and switch gear are all in place and in good original condition. Everyone knows the seat cloth stretches on the 1275 GT. They did it from new. This one is no different. But this one displays hardly any wear and no tears or rips. If the lucky new owner was minded there are all sorts of options.  But remember, they are only original once.


  • Pageant Blue
  • Rare factory wheels
  • Looks very striking
  • Over £5k spent on bodywork

Once our vendor, Daniel, had fully inspected the 1275 GT he realised what an original, solid Mini it was. Low usage and many years of avoiding the British weather clearly helped.

He searched around for a professional classic car body shop who would strike the balance between a very good job and not over-restoring the Mini.

This is what Daniel told us;

“The man who carried out the bodywork preparation and painting, amongst many, many other vehicles throughout his career, has done over 260 classic minis. This included an Equinox for Paul Weller.

Before starting on the project, and throughout, he stated the 1275 GT was in one of the best conditions he’d seen for its age. This was supported by the fact that when we dismantled the car, every nut and bolt, bar one, undid without heartache or shearing.

This included the rear subframe mounts! The sills, boot floor, rear seat, floor-pan and footwells were in remarkable condition, all making for a very painless and sympathetic restoration”.

All the work is backed up with over 200 photographs which will come with the Mini. We’ve just added a few examples to the Gallery.

Due to some half-baked work by a previous owner, new Heritage Panel door skins and A-panels were fitted. Just while they were at it, a new rear valance was installed.

You’ll judge for yourself the quality of the finished article. You will struggle not to be impressed.

The beady eyed amongst you will note the lack of wing mirrors. They will come with the car. A nice little job for the new owner.

The various bits of trim and brightwork around the Mini, including the unique front grille are in good, clean shape and work well to complement the GT’s Pageant Blue paint scheme.


With a wheel placed at each corner and go kart-like handling in 1275 GT flavour this Mini is huge fun to drive. There’s a sense of urgency as you floor the accelerator pedal; a sensation that can easily become addictive.

It’s easy to see the attraction of the Mini 1275 GT. Gear selection is super light and swift. The car has superb roadholding, coupled with delightful responsive steering. The lively engine provided 60bhp, but had more torque than the 998cc Cooper. The other benefits over a Cooper were bigger brakes and a bigger SU carburettor that didn’t need constant balancing.

Pop the bonnet and you’ll see one of the cleanest engine bays you’ve seen in a good while.

Our vendor tells us;

“During the restoration, mechanically, the engine was carefully brought up to speed.

A new head gasket, service items and ancillaries, water pump, thermostat and housing were fitted.

The big single SU carburettor was overhauled and adjusted.

The engine timing was properly set.

New cones, shock absorbers and bushes bring the suspension right up to date, along with brake hoses ensuring better than period stopping power.

Total invoices for mechanical parts is circa £2,500”

Our view

Mini 1275 GTs are becoming scarce now. Even more so in this condition, stored for many years, with a good history and 32,000 miles from new.

The 1275 GTs have been in the shadow of the Coopers for some time now. But as prices for Coopers become almost unobtainable, the market is waking up to the GTs.

The qualities that made them attractive when they were new remain today. The are easy to live, simple to own and above all great fun. Good luck bidding.

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b************b £4,000.00 2023-02-24 08:46:11
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j**********r £2,250.00 2023-02-24 10:08:47
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