1980 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow II

MAKERolls Royce
MODELSilver Shadow II
COLOURSilver Sand

1980 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow II

  • Warranted 40,249 miles
  • Appears to be original & unrestored
  • Two former keepers
  • Original Sales Invoice
  • Rolls Royce Factory Build Sheets
  • Part of small collection for the last 24 years
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  • Warranted 40,249 miles
  • Appears to be original & unrestored
  • Two former keepers
  • Original Sales Invoice
  • Rolls Royce Factory Build Sheets
  • Part of small collection for the last 24 years

When the classic Rolls Royce Silver Shadow was launched in 1965, it had been 10 years in development, but was probably 30 years ahead of the game. That is one of the many reasons they make such a great classic car purchase.

For Rolls Royce, the Silver Shadow represented a technological leap forward. The Silver Shadow, looked modern and contemporary. It was the first Rolls Royce built as monocoque chassis. Four-wheel disc brakes with fail-safe dual circuits were introduced. Rolls also introduced front and rear independent suspension including automatic self-levelling. It made the Rolls Royce Silver Shadow an absolute dream to drive. The ride was, and remains today, totally unique and truly fabulous.

In a process of continuous improvement the Shadow evolved throughout its time. 1977 saw the Silver Shadow II arrive with a number of significant updates. It included power rack and pinion steering, a much improved interior and some subtle body mods. It was replaced in 1981 by the Wraith. Because of that, late model Shadow II’s are very desirable and considered to be the pick of the bunch.

This Silver Shadow II

  • Registered 1 August 1980
  • Part of a small collection since 1998
  • Maintained “meticulously with no expense spared
  • Handbooks
  • Factory build sheets running to c.100 pages
  • Options list from new
  • Invoices from various work and services carried out

This Silver Shadow II came in to our vendors possession via an unconventional route.

The previous owner was a well-respected local garage owner in a village in Devon known to our vendor. Amongst a small collection of other classics, it was his pride and joy. The Shadow was dry stored in a heated workshop throughout his ownership. That speaks volumes about why it looks so good.

He used it very sparingly. Only on summer days and often on a Sunday. When he returned it to the unit, it was polished before he walked away from it. The garage owner maintained the car himself to a very high standard.

Age creeps us on us all and retirement approached. Our vendor bought the business as a retirement sale and with it came the garage owner’s small classic car collection.


  • Dark Brown Hide Code-VM 890
  • Mushroom Cirrus Headlining CIRRUS235
  • Dark Brown carpets with Lambs Wool rug in Cumberland Stone 44

Rolls Royce know how build a classic car, especially the interior. Everything is to the highest of standards. With such low mileage it is no surprise the splendid interior space of this SIlver Shadow II looks as it does.

The sumptuous leather seats are in very good condition.

Options that were spec’d new include:

  • Top roll
  • Instrument board roll
  • Radio surround
  • Under dash trim finished in dark brown hide VM890
  • Blue spot Frankfurt stereo

The dash panel itself, is one of a fine wood finish, with deep lacquer finish. It looks divine. The array of gauges, switchgear and control panels behind the wonderful period Bakelite steering make the entire interior space a true experience.

Our vendor reports a couple of small wear and tear marks on a couple of door cards. We struggled to see them.

Engine and Mechanicals

If the interior  sums up a Rolls Royce Silver Shadow II, the thunderous V8 engine singles it out as a unique classic car.

  • 75 litre V8 engine
  • 200+bhp
  • GM Turbo HydroMatic (TMH) auto box
  • Independent suspension
  • Rack and pinion power steering
  • From 2006-present the MOT records show no ‘advisories’

The Rolls Royce L410 V8 engine began service in 1959. It ran until 1998. That makes it one of the longest production runs in history.

You can take two approaches to driving a Shadow. Slowly, and silently glide about. Or, once moving, put your foot down and whuuump; you’re travelling quickly, very quickly. Soundlessly, and effortlessly like nothing else. That is what it’s like to drive a Rolls Royce Silver Shadow II.

As you’d expect from a car looked after this well, the Shadow is in good order. After a few short road tests prior to putting the Shadow onto our on-line platform our vendor Jack advised us,

“The car starts on the button every time. It drives as smooth and as tight as you could wish for”.


  • Silver Sand
  • Lucas Quartz-Iodine Headlamps
  • Matching Tan Vinyl roof

Thanks to this Rolls Royce’s modest usage, indoor storage, and careful ownership, like the rest of this Silver Shadow II, the exterior has been very well kept.

The panel fit is looks very good the aluminium doors opening and closing with the usual precision.

You can see for yourself, the Silver Sand paintwork is beautifully finished. On any 42 year classic we are sure if we looked hard enough we’d find something. We did. On the lower section of the nearside front wing are a couple of scratches. On the nearside rear wheel arch is a small age-related mark. Neither are serious or detract from the Rolls. The images are in the Gallery for you to judge. This Shadow is country mile from many of the ex-wedding cars that come to market. Don’t mistake the two.

The glass is in good order. The chrome work all looks to have been well preserved with the exterior trim all looking good. The famous, hugely impressive statement radiator grille looks in fine fettle.

Spend a couple of minutes and have a good scroll through the multiple images in our gallery. As always, if you have any questions, please do give us a shout.


Although the production run was small, the Rolls Royce Silver Shadow was the most popular ‘Roller’. They are often seen as the ‘gateway’ to Rolls Royce ownership.

With that in mind the market for Shadows tends to broadly break-down into two/three broad sectors.

The first being the so-called ‘cheap’ ones that come with terrifyingly eye-watering resto and maintenance costs.

The second category are cars that have been owned by people who really could not afford to run them properly.

Then there are these cars. Provenance. Paperwork. Condition.

Genuine well looked after, long ownership Shadows with low mileage do not come to market very often. Because of the supply and demand dynamics, we often see specialists Dealers marketing these at between £30-50,000.

Due to the unconventional nature of our vendor acquiring this Shadow as part of wider business purchase he has set his reserve very, sensibly in the context of where the market is.

If you want one of the nicest Silver Shadow’s we’ve seen for a very long time, if no-one else beats you to it, you’ve found it. At a very sensible price too.

Good luck bidding! Please remember, our site uses anti-sniping software which ensures fairness to all bidders. So, if a bid for a lot is received in the last minute, the auction will go into a 2-minute overtime period for each subsequent bid.

Vehicle Location: South Molton, Devon EX37 it’s the responsibility of the buyer to make collection / transportation arrangements directly with the vendor.

Have a question about this Silver Shadow II? Please contact the Evoke team at auction@evoke-classics.com and we will speak to the vendor on your behalf.

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