1981 Lambretta GP150 Vijay Super (SIL) & Trailer

MODEL GP150 Vijay Super (SIL) & Trailer
COLOURRed and White

1981 Lambretta GP150 Vijay Super (SIL) & Trailer

  • Fully restored
  • Early images of the GP150 on file
  • Certificate of Manufacture
  • Comes complete with covered trailer
  • 12v Ducati electronic ignition fitted
  • Front & Rear luggage rack with backrest
  • Optional dual seat
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  • Fully restored
  • Early images of the GP150 on file
  • Certificate of Manufacture
  • Comes complete with covered trailer
  • 12v Ducati electronic ignition fitted
  • Front & Rear luggage rack with backrest
  • Optional dual seat

Lambretta. The name stimulates all sorts of memories, all very special.

In the post war years, Lambretta’s were transportation for a nation. Whether it was getting to work, going to a meeting or going on a date, the Lambretta excelled. Everyone appreciated the convenience and simplicity.

Then the Sixties arrived. Everything changed. Britain was the heart of that change. Bands like The Beatles and The Who were topping the charts. Music, fashion and attitudes fused. The most recognisable form of that cultural change, was the Lambretta.

Today, that popularity endures.


Automobile Products of India (API) started building Innocenti Lambretta scooters in India after independence in the 1950’s.

In 1972, Scooters India Ltd. (SIL), bought the Lambretta rights. As everything was in Italian, Innocenti employees were shipped out to set up production.

The first scooter out of the blocks was the Vijay Delux/DL, which was badged the Lambretta GP150 in export markets. This was updated to become the Vijay Super, which our vendor is selling here in ‘fully restored condition’


There is something very pleasing about the distinct sound and smell of a two-stroke Lambretta.

This smart, tidy, two-tone GP150 was extensively and sympathetically restored. You’ll get a sense of that and how it’s been looked after by the images in our Gallery.

The rebuild has been faithful to the original period Lambretta models, featuring dual-tone export only paint work in Hawthorn White/Martian Red.

  • Engine number – 243288
  • Frame Number – 166156
  • 12v Ducati electronic ignition fitted
  • Chrome luggage racks
  • Rear mounted spare
  • Newly covered dual seat
  • Pillion back rest

This Lambretta GP150 hasn’t been ‘over-restored’ to such an extent that it loses its character entirely and becomes a ‘new’ bike. You can see from the close-ups it retains a great deal of authenticity by wearing its mature age in various places. The 2014 resto has struck a nice balance, in our view.

Our vendor has also advised that the work undertaken on the Lambretta includes:

  • The engine was stripped and all bearings and seals replaced including clutch and chains tensioner too, the barrel was bored out to +60 and new piston fitted
  • All bolts were replaced with stainless Allen key type
  • All wheel bearings and steering items replaced inc brake shoes front and rear
  • All cables replaced
  • Complete new exhaust
  • New adjustable suspension damper
  • New rims and tyres
  • New carburettor
  • All rubber seals and mats replaced
  • New seat
  • New Speedo
  • New petrol tap and filter
  • Chrome cowling filter and splash guard
  • LED lights
  • Mileage is genuine after restoration
  • The trailer has some LED lights and the cable is 7 pins

Additional Information

This Lambretta comes with it’s own covered transport system too, aka a trailer, which will come in very useful.

Our view

By the 70’s the passion for scooters was dropping off. You could pick these up for next to nothing. Many of us did.

In 1979, an iconic film called Quadrophenia was released….the film’s anti-hero ’Jimmy’ rode a Lambretta.

Nowadays, Lambretta lovers are well looked after in the UK. It’s a thriving scene, there are numerous and regular ride-outs all over the country. Membership to the Lambretta Club of Great Britain is open to everyone. Its 5,000 members are as knowledgeable, helpful and enthusiastic as you can get.

Coming with its own trailer is a massive bonus for this Lambretta GP150. Our vendor has set an exceptionally reasonable reserve and that means one lucky bidder is going to get two bargains for the price of one.

Good luck bidding! Please remember, our site uses anti-sniping software which ensures fairness to all bidders. So, if a bid for a lot is received in the last minute, the auction will go into a 2-minute overtime period for each subsequent bid.

Vehicle Location: France – Please note that although UK registered, the Lambretta and covered trailer are currently residing in France. Our vendor has offered to transport both to the ferry port in Quisterham (Caen). Brittany Ferries run regular services there from Portsmouth.

it’s the responsibility of the buyer to make collection / transportation arrangements directly with the vendor.

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a*********7 £3,000.00 2023-01-27 13:22:32
r***********************m £2,750.00 2023-01-20 15:24:42
r***********************m £2,500.00 2023-01-19 23:05:28
a*********7 £2,500.00 2023-01-27 13:22:15
r***********************m £2,250.00 2023-01-17 21:55:20
r***********************m £2,000.00 2023-01-17 02:19:39
a*********7 £2,000.00 2023-01-27 13:21:54
r***********************m £1,750.00 2023-01-12 21:06:29
l*************0 £1,500.00 2023-01-12 20:43:20
r***********************m £1,500.00 2023-01-12 21:06:13
r***********************m £1,000.00 2023-01-12 15:22:06
j**m £750.00 2023-01-12 15:12:32
r***********************m £500.00 2023-01-11 16:58:37
Start auction £500.00 10/01/2023 12:00 AM


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