2003 Mercedes SL55 AMG *SOLD*

INTERIORGrey Leather

2003 Mercedes SL55 AMG *SOLD*

  • Supercharged 5.5-ltr V8
  • 493 bhp
  • 186mph (allegedly!!)
  • Immaculately presented
  • Only 47,000 miles
  • Just 2,500 miles driven in the last eight years
  • This 2003 Mercedes SL55 AMG sold for £18,000
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  • Immaculately presented
  • Supercharged 5.5-ltr V8
  • 493 bhp
  • 186mph (allegedly!!)
  • Only 47,000 miles
  • Just 2,500 miles driven in the last eight years

Talk about the ‘Wow’ factor. In 2003, Mercedes released the stunning SL55 AMG. It has super-car performance, handles like an F1 car, all wrapped-up in a comfortable elegant Grand Tourer convertible package.

This two-seater convertible is the 5th generation of the outstanding ‘SL’ line by the German manufacturer. It is packed with technology, including an electronically retractable hard top, amongst other things. Best of all of that is the outrageous 5.4-ltr supercharged V8 that can be found in this 2003 registered SL55.


Our vendor had a desire to find and own a very good one of these stupendous cars. He found one in September 2013. It was at an established specialist dealer selling Ferrari, Bentley and other high end vehicles.

  • Same owners for the last eight years
  • This SL55 AMG has had very little use
  • In that time it has travelled only 2,500 miles
  • It’s been stored in a heated garage for much of that time
  • A nice bundle of genuine handbooks and MOT’s

Our vendor explains; “Just after I bought the SL I’d been wanting for a while, we also found a house we’d been searching for. While the SL55 was in fabulous condition, the house needing rebuilding. I set about that. It took longer than I thought, so I stored the Mercedes safely away”.

It had a service before it went in. And also, out of caution after getting an Advisory Note on an MOT, our vendor had the expensive rear shock absorbers replaced. He did start it, run it and make sure it was all okay during the time in storage. He says “I’m no mechanic but I am an expert at getting it in and out of storage!”.


The SL is gorgeous. The familiar Brilliant Silver metallic is in very good condition. The distinctive multispoke alloys have clearly been a total stranger to kerbs and potholes. They are clean and undamaged.

We asked our vendor, Paul, to describe it, this is what he said;

  • It is 99.9%
  • There are two or three very small stonechips
  • On the rear bumper there is a very small scratch
  • The roof works perfectly

Everything works as it should. With the roof up the classic SL looks great. Press the button to put it down and the Mercedes is transformed.  Imagine how good it feels to drive this, roof down as the thunderous V8 pops and crackles.

Paul told us during the preparation for the sale he realised he didn’t have the locking wheel nut. He went straight the Mercedes Dealer in Stourbridge and ordered a replacement genuine key for the new owner.

He said, “I didn’t want the new owner to be in the lurch. Also I wanted to be dead honest about the car. It is 99.9%. Although the chip and scratch are very minor I didn’t want the new owner to be disappointed when they came”


The options list when new is vast on these SL’s. Paul thinks pretty much every option was ticked. He has the original leather bound genuine handbooks to go with the AMG.

Inside it was spec’d with the unique to the SL55 AMG, Dove Grey interior floor mats. That gives you a sense of the options.

The quality on the inside continues.

  • Light grey leather seats heated and electrically operated
  • The drivers seat edge is slightly marked in the stitching
  • All the touch points are in good condition
  • The gear lever, carpets, door cards, all look very good
  • This makes the inside of an AMG SL a very nice place to be

As we’ve all come to expect from the German engineering, today, everything works as it should.

Engine and transmission

  • 4-ltr supercharged V8
  • 482 BHP
  • 502 lbft of torque
  • 5 speed auto box
  • Two new batteries fitted
  • Tyres are all good
  • MOT to April 2023
  • The AMG is kept garaged and hooked up to an Optimate when not used

The video shows the V8 starts well, with a subtle roar and idles confidently. Blip the throttle and the engine crackles and pops with a crisp additive soundtrack.

The classic AMG has recently flown through an MOT. The records should give any future owner, peace of mind. The average miles per year since 2006 have been about 1,600 miles pa. With just c.47,900 miles on the clock, the V8 is just getting into its stride.

The five speed auto box is also a delight.

Our view

Brand new, this SL55 AMG came with a £90,000 price tag and for good reason. In its time, this car was ground-breaking, one of the most powerful vehicles available in the early 2000’s, the 5.4L supercharged V8 produced tyre shredding power. It was and remains an engineering masterpiece.

It can do everything superbly. Hurtle along like a Cruise Missile. Pootle to Sainsburys. Whisk you away on a weekend break leaving you feeling comfortable and relaxed. It is perfect all-rounder.

Even though the prices for AMG’s are rising a little, they are still on par with the price of a three year old boring, modern family saloon. Take your pick!

Vehicle Location: Stourbridge DY8– it’s the responsibility of the winning bidder to make collection / transportation arrangements directly with the vendor

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