2003 MG TF 135 Sports *SOLD*

MODELTF 135 Sports
COLOURTrophy Blue

2003 MG TF 135 Sports *SOLD*

  • Very well-maintained example
  • Warranted 50,000 mileage
  • Hard top supplied
  • Fantastic value for money Roadster
  • MOT until September 2023
  • This 2003 MG TF 135 Sports sold for £1,750
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  • Very well-maintained example
  • Warranted 50,000 mileage
  • Hard top supplied
  • Fantastic value for money Roadster
  • MOT until September 2023

At launch in 2002, the MG TF was derided by a few as not being a ‘proper’ MG. Which is a shame and completely unwarranted because it’s actually quoted and known to be a better drive than the revered Mazda MX5.  As such, these cars have developed an extremely strong following, often from the same people who can be relied upon to enthuse about the MGB, etc.

With a mid-mounted 1.8-litre engine, and as previously mentioned the MG TF actually handles better than the Mazda MX5.

Our TF has only 4 previous owners on the V5, it has a warranted mileage of 50,000 and nine stamps in the service book up to 2014. All invoices and MOTs from 2013 are in the document pack, of which you can guess is a fair size.  Flicking through the myriad of invoices shows that the little TF has been spoiled throughout its life and even more so during our vendor’s ownership.  Even the current MOT will not need renewing until September 2023.


In metallic Trophy Blue, this MG TF, although a slightly aging design, still looks great from any angle whether that be with the roof up or down, even with the supplied and freshly relined hardtop fitted it is still striking.  Our vendor was at pains to point out that there was a small tear in the roof that has been repaired at some point in its lifetime.

Staying with the exterior, there are some signs of its nearly 20 year age with the main points shared by our vendor being a small crack on the off side rear bumper where it had a nudge from an inconsiderate parker.  There is also some evidence further round the same bumper of lacquer peel but we suspect the new owner will repair the crack anyway so that really isn’t much to be concerned about.  Carry on walking around the little TF and you will notice some further lacquer peel on the  driver’s door handle and lastly the usual stone chips in the front bumper area.

Throw a couple of hundred quid at those minor issues and you will have a very presentable little MG TF, considering the way it has been looked after, we will come to that, you really will have a very well sorted example of this little sportscar.


The MG TF is powered by the company’s 134bhp 1.8-litre engine. It’s far from hi-tech, but the four-cylinder unit delivers a 0-60mph sprint time of 8.2 seconds and rarely feels over-whelmed. Mounted behind the driver’s seat, the engine sounds sporty, which adds to the excitement. It’s undoubtedly the pick of the range in the TF line up, offering far better value than the 158bhp flagship.

Benefitting from a full service just prior to our vendor purchasing the TF in 2014 plus the head being skimmed and the head gasket being renewed, this MG TF has since only travelled 10,000 miles in his eight year ownership. Those that know these MGs will know that to be a very wise option as they were known for head gasket issues early in the lifetime, some peace of mind in that area is a bonus.  It also benefited from a new water pump and belts.

The clutch slave cylinder has also been replaced, the water pipes that run from the radiator to the rear mounted engine have also been replaced with stainless steel items, both lambda sensors have been replaced along with a new catalytic convertor and front pipe.

Like we previously mentioned our vendor has not scrimped and saved and advised that what he was advised to rectify or replace during its annual service, was carried out.


The cabin area is in great condition with the only obvious issue being the usual drivers seat side bolster being worn. All the switches operate as they should with the only exception being that the radio has recently stopped working, it is believed to be a loose wire but our vendor has not had the time or inclination to get it fixed yet.

Wheels Tyres Suspension and other

Benefitting from renewed subframe mounting points and replaced ball joints where needed, the ride if just as it should be, these fantastic little roadsters are fitted with free-revving engines located behind the rear seats to give balanced handling and confident roadholding. The F had a hydra-gas suspension set up that has been replaced with more conventional springs and dampers on the TF. This allows a more sporting feel, and will give you a massive smile every time you drive it.

On top of the subframe and ball joint our vendor saw fit to upgrade the suspension with soft ride shock absorbers, he has also replaced the disks and pads and lastly has also renewed the two rear tyres.

With all these works undertaken within our current vendors ownership, you’ll agree that we did say it was a well sorted example!

Our view

An MG TF in good condition is a fantastic value for money sports car, this particular example has had over £3,000 spent on maintenance alone during our vendors ownership so appears to be even better value for money.

TFs are also on the upward curve of appreciation so now is probably the right time to get into two seat roadsters without the worry of large maintenance costs and massive depreciation.

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