Crikey! I love my job. I’m over at the Great British Car Journey in Derbyshire today where I’ve been invited to drive a selection of their vehicles including the mighty Austin 7. How could I resist such an invitation!

I’ll be filming with my good pal Paul Woodford so I’m sure there will be plenty of laughs, and hopefully some entertaining footage…I’ll keep you posted. Check out some of the cars that I’ll be driving today…

We want to hear your stories

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting with a lovely lady who reached out to us to help find a new home for her late husband’s much loved Jag. A sad, delicate situation, but one that brings me and Team Evoke so much satisfaction in the knowledge that we are trusted with such prized possessions.

Cars aren’t just pieces of metal, for many people they hold years of memories and good times. They really are part of the family.

If you have a story to tell or memories to share about your classic we’d love to hear from you and feature your yarn on our ‘Your Stories’ page. If not, make a brew and have a read about other peoples experiences, including the tale of Jake the Mini, my first car…

Auction Update

Do we have a trio of terrific new classics for you today?

Check out the Cobra, Jaguar E-Type and Austin A35 Countryman that have JUST gone live. So go on, be a devil and get the bidding party started :-)

Update on some of our other lots this week…

To see all of the live and upcoming lots, please click HERE

Have a great weekend!


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