With so many Car Shows and events coming up we thought we would point you in the right direction to find one near you, and of course not forgetting to share where the lovely Sarah Crabtree will be this weekend.
There are plenty of events running over the summer, so still lots of time to polish your classic and enjoy a day out at one of the shows, visit www.carcalendar.co.uk to find one near you. From small local events to large classic gatherings there really is something for everyone this year, whether you own a Hot Rod, a Fast Ford or a Camper, someone, somewhere is organising an event for you.
If two wheels are your thing, there are bike nights up and down the country from Ace Café, London to NY500 in Yorkshire, so get the leathers out and enjoy an evening out with likeminded folk, after all, it’s a long winter!


Our Sarah will be spending this weekend at CarFest North in Cheshire as it celebrates its 10th year. She will be joining the team from Rayvolt UK ( www.rayvoltbike.co.uk ) with their retro, vintage look, super cool E-Bikes – if you see her be sure to give her a wave.

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