Shhhhh…. XK 120, Mini Cooper S Downton, Mk1 Mexico, RS Cossie, yep we’ve discovered classic car hidden treasure in Manchester and what’s more it’s up for grabs!

SYNETIQ, is known in the UK as a huge salvage and vehicle recycling company of accident vehicles. However, tucked away in Synetiq’s very private, private museum at Winsford is treasure trove of hidden classic cars, called the Winsford Collection. The whole site is being modernised so the private collection is being downsized. What a collection it is, just five classic Fords, Minis and Jaguars are being sold in this first tranche, we take a look.

A 1953 Jaguar XK120 OTS 4.2. Finished in British Racing Green, with beautiful wire wheels along with the right cross-ply tyres. The XK120 has been prepped to a fast-road specification and is probably good for the odd competition if you were brave enough. It has a roll bar fitted, aero screens, fire extinguisher, harnesses as well as the safety of an external ignition cut-off. This Jaguar looks amazing.

Downton Radford Mini Cooper

A Downton tuned 1964 Austin Mini Cooper S, with the added bonus of a Radford interior. That combination probably makes this early 1071 Austin Mini Cooper S unique. That already wonderful 1071 was pepped even further by, Downton Engineering. We’re not done there though. This Cooper S also has an interior by the leading British coachbuilders, Harold Radford & Co including deeper seats, trimmed in Connolly leather and a walnut dashboard with matching door cappings. Peachy, just peachy.

Ford Escort Mexico

Fast Fords, as we all know, have become amazingly popular recently. None more so than the Mk1 Escorts. In this collection is a truly classic Ford, a 1971 Ford Escort Mexico. In Daytona yellow, with those terrific quad Cibie’s jutting out in front it looks like its doing 100mph standing still. The four dial dash and black vinyl interior looks all good. Underneath the car shows no evidence of road use whatever and all the evidence of being cooped up in a collection. It needs to be free! What a car.

Ford Sierra RS Cosworth

Some might describe this 1989 Ford Sierra RS Cosworth as a ‘modern’ classic. Whether we agree or not, it is without question a classic Ford. Because of their age, there are a good few of these around for sale. The one thing that is increasingly difficult to source is an original unbodged and unmodified one. Because of the cosseted protection of a private collection, you need look no more if that is what you’re after. This classic Cosworth is finished in diamond white, which, whilst not our favourite colour, does look very good on this Cossie. The grey velour Recaro’s are in perfect condition as is all the switch gear and the rest of the interior. Outside the wheels look to have been a complete stranger to any kerbs. Under the bonnet that superb red top engine looks dry and well kept. 38,000 miles on the clock completes this lovely Cossie.

It is double lovely to have discovered this hidden treasure trove of classic cars up in the Winsford Collection. We hope to see more come to market in the coming months. We’ll keep you posted.

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