When the designers at Morgan were faced with the task of modernising their iconic three wheeled ‘bathtub’ for 2022, I reckon there were a lot of sleepless nights. To reinvent a vehicle that only has three wheels, no roof and no doors while capturing the imagination of the paying public can’t have been an easy job. But in true British style…they have nailed it!

Unveiled this week as the Super 3, Morgan have gracefully combined form and function with added luxuries that the modern driver has come to expect. With over 200 options and extras available for total personalisation and a UK price tag starting from £42,000, I reckon there will be plenty of folk queueing up for one. Roll on Summer, visit www.morgan-motor.com/super-3


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Now that Eugene and Franklin have cleared off, I’m off to take Ivan for a spin to test the clutch repairs, wish me luck!

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