Well the storm has truly arrived today, please take care and hold on to your hat!
The trade winds at Evoke Classics Auctions are also lively today with bidding now underway on the 1928 Austin Chummy1976 Ford Cortina Mk3 Estate1971 Vauxhall Victor Estate and 1978 Austin Vanden Plas.

We’ve also got a VW Camper, Lambretta and whole host of new vehicles coming soon. Follow or add them to your Watchlist, we hope they’ll *ahem* blow you away…

Electric Dreams (or Nightmares)!

Back to storms, electricity and high speeds. With this week’s news that the iconic DeLorean is returning this year – reborn as a luxury EV complete with gullwing doors and brushed stainless steel body – it got me thinking about what it’s going to be like to watch a car chase on the big screen in years to come.

I quickly came to the conclusion it’s probably going to be pretty dull! The sounds of a car chase are intense and easily recognisable, tyres skidding, engines roaring, they all add to the drama and emotion of the scene. In thirty years’ time will we be sat on the edge of our cinema seats watching 007 tear down the road silently in his EV, eagerly checking his mirror to see if the Bond villain is hot on his tail in his electric Alfa. (He’ll have to check his mirror, ‘cos he certainly won’t be able to hear him!!) And it really will take the edge off if they have to stop mid chase for a quick recharge. Maybe I’m just overthinking it now! Anyway, have a look at the video below if you are interested…

The Mighty Ital is Back on the Road

Anyway, back to proper motor talk. You’ll be pleased to hear that the mighty Ital’s clutch slave cylinder is fixed and he’s back on the road, so fingers crossed for some fine weather as the classic car calendar is filling up nicely. More on that soon.

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Right, I’m off to batten down the hatches, see you next week and stay safe.

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