Happy New Year! 

I’m sure you’ve had time to reflect on 2021 and hopefully amongst all the rubbish, you have been able to salvage plenty of happy times. Times spent tinkering in the garage, simply cruising down the open road or busy gawping at lots of shiny metal at car shows. 

Actually, thinking about it, 2021 has been very much like driving a classic car. Often a non starter, tricky to steer, unpredictable, shaky and a bit of a let down at times. There were definitely moments last year when we all just wanted to pull over onto the ‘hard shoulder of life’ and get out! But we made it. Yay. And just like owning a classic, we made the best of it, enjoyed it, learnt from it, embraced it and turned the good times into super special times. 

Team Evoke defo ended the year on a high with the launch of our website, auction platform and of course our very first sale. The fabulous Noble Prototype that was entrusted to us found a brand new home with a keen eyed collector. To say we are thrilled to be part of the pairing is a huge understatement!  

But, alas, we have had our problems too! A few blips with the auction platform left some bidders and vendors understandably frustrated, not quite the experience we had hoped to offer. Sorry for that.  

So it’s onwards and upwards for us now and as we push forward into the new year we will grasp every opportunity with both hands and pull them close. We’re a positive bunch here at Evoke with a passion for bringing people together through the powerful force of the classic industry.  

Get ready 2022 – Team Evoke are coming to spread the love! 

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