Following our news of the recent the Triumph Stag electric conversion there comes what could be the most controversial conversion yet, the Morgan 4/4. We take a look.
Electrogenic’s Morgan 4/4 electric motor power conversion is part of a mushrooming category of what is becoming known as REV’s; retro electric vehicles. “Converting classic cars like these to electric power is about using modern technology to bring out the best characteristics in the cars,” said Steve Drummond, director and co-founder of Electrogenic. He has certainly got the principle spot on. But do principles equal success?

The converted Morgan’s original petrol engine is replaced with a Hyper9 motor pushing 108bhp. The battery packs that power the motor are carefully distributed throughout the Morgan’s timeless ash-framed body to retain the original driving characteristics, and not turn the car into a blancmange on wheels. Two of the packs can be found under the famous louvred bonnet. Crucially, the 4/4 keeps the original gearbox, retaining the authentic driving experience. Some will be pleasantly surprised at the get-up and go the 180lbft of torque provided by the new motor. The electric 4/4 is no slouch.

Inside, all the original features so loved by Morgan owners are retained with of course, the exception of the fuel gauge which now gives a mileage range instead of a rough indication when you need to next visit Mr Esso. On that note, Electrogenics are quoting around a 150 mile range, which is academic really, because most owners will just want to poodle wont they?

What do we think? Well, here’s the thing. The Morgan brand is founded fundamentally on being the quintessential British classic car, ones that you’re guaranteed to see at every village vintage show and retro rally. So, on that basis we think this is a conversion too far. We might be wrong, we often are but will certainly be keeping a close eye on developments.

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