1922 Ford Model T Open Bodied Speedster *Sold £10,850*

MODELModel T Open Bodied Speedster
INTERIORBlack Leather

1922 Ford Model T Open Bodied Speedster *Sold £10,850*

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  • Awesome condition
  • Professionally rebuilt
  • Packed with charm and appeal
  • Imported from the dry State of Florida
  • Ideal promo vehicle or use for Historic Rallies
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  • Awesome condition
  • Professionally rebuilt
  • Packed with charm and appeal
  • Imported from the dry State of Florida
  • Ideal promo vehicle or use for Historic Rallies

Mr Henry Ford’s Model T changed the automotive landscape, if not the world, forever.

It was quite rightly named ‘The Most Influential Car Of The 20th Century’, ahead of strong competition from the plucky British Mini and autocratic VW Beetle.

The first one trundled off the production on September 27th 1908 at the Piquette Avenue Plant in Detroit, Michigan. A decade later in 1918 half of all the cars in the US were Model T’s. The 15th million Model T Ford left the production line on May 26th 1927.

The revolution in mass production wasn’t the only first for the T. In a number of other game changing firsts; it was the first vehicle to have single cast unit engine block; the first to have a removable cylinder head and the first to make extensive use of lightweight steel.

Henry had one thing in mind when the built the T which he articulated succinctly in this quote

“I will build a motor car for the great multitude. It will be large enough for the family, but small enough for the individual to run and care for. It will be constructed of the best materials, by the best men after the simplest designs that modern engineering can devise. But it will be so low in price that no man making a salary will be unable to own one and enjoy with his family”.

Well he certainly smashed that.

Human nature being what it is, it didn’t take long for some to turn Ford’s basic transport into something a lot more exciting. A large aftermarket soon developed, offering a wide range of “speed parts”. The Speedster was born.

Often the chassis was lowered four inches, called ‘underslinging’, the wheelbase extended, and the basic 40 HP motor hoofed up a little with various accessories.

The biggest change to the standard T was to the body. The standard or ‘stock’ body was replaced with a much more impressive Speedster Body.

The variations were myriad. Back then a complete Speedster kit of radiator, hood, floorboards, rear fuel tank, and body could be purchased for around $100. The Speedster body wasn’t just about looks. By making it lighter and cutting down the frontal area it went quicker too.

That brings us to this charming and wonderful Speedster.


Based on information provided by our vendor, this is a Model T Open Bodied Speedster.

We know for sure it was imported from the sunshine State of Florida around 2011 and then in 2015 purchased as project that had stalled. At the time of purchase it came with a new Speedster Body. Everything was with BF 5767, it just needed sorting and putting together. The work was commissioned to Belcher Engineering of Norfolk. It features prominently on their website.

Starting at the rear, BF 5767 is resplendent with a superbly detailed lockable wooden luggage holder. An oval fuel tank finished meticulously with brass fittings completes the rear exterior. The polished brass theme travels along the kickplates on the side of BF 5767 and surfaces again at the front in those marvellous brass rimmed headlamps. It is no exaggeration to say it is visually stunning.


A tricky one this. As you can see pretty much everything interior is exterior!

In conventional terms, the two seater interior is marvellous. We understand the two black leather bucket seats were part of the work carried out by Belcher Engineering. The wooden dash, such as it is, matches the wooden decking/floor, all are in fabulous condition.

Engine and Transmission

Another pre-war Ford specialist, Tuckett Bros, worked on the engine. It looks like you could eat your breakfast from it. A couple of practical modifications have been made which include a modern alternator conversion to keep the battery topped up properly and all the electrics in order. Staying with things electrical, a coil and distributor ignition system have been fitted. The vendor advises us that the car’s 2500 cc engine ‘starts readily’ without drama.

Our view

What a staggering motor car. Vehicles from this era continue to have a wide appeal. This Model T Speedster will do too because it has a lot going for it. The most obvious characteristic is its visual appeal. It looks incredible and draws crowds and conversations wherever it goes. Taking it to somewhere such as the Vintage Hot Rod Association’s Pendine Sands weekend in July would cause an uproar. Remember what we said about customisers. It is not at unusual to see big block V8’s shoe-horned into these.

Then there’s the overall condition of BF 5767. There is a world of difference between buying a decent original example of this vintage and one with a very thoroughly restored engine and body. The former often needs frequent tinkering and occasional big time and money spent, the latter just keeps going, as does the enjoyment.

The Model T appeal works not only for hobbyists and purists and customisers. That appeal extends to work as a promotional vehicle, a wedding car or especially for niche events at say a Farmers Market, or Festivals. Imagine rocking-up in one of these at an event, that would boost sales of any product ten-fold! If you intend to do that you’ll want one like this.

The other consideration is their value. With this particular Model T someone else has taken all the risk and done all the hard yards. It is a mystery to us why these are not selling for big money. The good news for bidders is they are still very affordable.

We think this visually stunning vehicle will sell for somewhere between £10,000 – £13,000, if it does it is a very shrewd buy.


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