1956 Norton Wideline Triton 750 *Sold £7,200*

MODELWideline Triton 750

1956 Norton Wideline Triton 750 *Sold £7,200*

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  • Fully rebuilt engine 
  • Morgo 750 big bore performance kit 
  • Five speed gearbox 
  • Double sided twin leading shoe front brake 
  • Koni shocks 
  • Single seat 
  • This 1956 Norton Wideline Triton 750 sold for £7,200

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  • Fully rebuilt engine 
  • Morgo 750 big bore performance kit 
  • Five speed gearbox 
  • Double sided twin leading shoe front brake 
  • Koni shocks 
  • Single seat

Long ago, when it came to British bikes, two views were fact. Fact one, Triumph made the best engines. Fact two, Norton made the best frames. Put the two together and that fact becomes one. Triton was the best bike. End of. 

No-one can say for sure who built the first Triton. However, Dresda Autos in West London produced kits along with complete machines. When Dresda boss Dave Degens had his victory in the Barcelona 24 Hour race in 1965, the success was unstoppable. Today they are rare and very, very sought after. 

One of the beauties of a Triton is that no two that are identical. However, the classical Triton look is the same throughout. 

  • An aluminium petrol tank 
  • Road friendly clip-ons.  
  • Mild rearsets 
  • A Triumph parallel-twin motor 
  • Surrounded by wonderfully sculptured steel tubes 

This Triton 750 has the Wideline featherbed frame holding everything together. The featherbed frame was invented by the McCandless brothers. In 1950 it was offered to Norton. It was revolutionary, and today remains a legend. Norton works racer Harold Daniell tested the new frame. He described the smoothness of the bike as like a “feather bed” to ride. The name stuck. The smaller capacity Tritons usually had slimline featherbed frames, the larger capacity had the Wideline, like this Triton. 

At the centre of the Triton is the engine. 

The original engine in this Triton 750 was a 1963 TR6 SS ‘unit’ motor. So called, because prior to this the engine, gearbox and primary case were separate. That changed later to being constructed as one unit, hence unit construction or unit for short. 

The model for 1963 was the Triumph TR6 SS for Street Scrambler. Build dates ran from Sept 1962 to August 1963. Which makes it a rare engine. More impressive than that, the mighty 650cc TR6 engines were shattering all expectations. 

This one has been fully rebuilt and upgraded. 

  • New main bearings and big end bearings 
  • All new gearbox bearings 
  • New valve guides 
  • Re-cut seats 
  • Valves and springs replaced 
  • Morgo 750cc conversion 
  • Honed bores 
  • New piston rings 
  • The ignition is now via Boyer with a Podtronics unit
  • Morgo 750cc big bore conversion 

The cylinder barrel is made from high quality cast iron, cast exclusively for Morgo in the UK. The casting is one piece and only weighs a few ounces more than the standard barrel. Morgo introduced a fin tower at each side of the barrel to eliminate fin ringing at high speeds and to give more rigidity. The fins are larger to give added cooling.  

  • The gearbox has been converted to five speed. 

The five-speed gearbox conversion is a lovely upgrade. First gear is slightly lower, meaning beyond that higher ratios can be run, meaning less engine stress at higher speed. The additional ratios make shifting easier, and the closer gaps means the Triton is much more manageable for everyday modern use. 

  • An upgraded 7-plate clutch has also been fitted 

The 7-plate clutch conversion is highly recommended. Compared with the standard clutch, it reduces problems of sticking, slipping, swelling, dragging and heavy operation, making the clutch action much lighter.  

One on-line reviewer commented “The clutch is much lighter, gear changes are slick and easy, and I can select neutral while stationary. Great product, would highly recommend it to anyone”. 

It doesn’t end there on this Triton 750. It has Koni shocks at the rear and according to our vendor “lots of period Unity Equipe parts”.  

Unity Equipe is based in Todmorden, Lancs; “Manx Norton spares were once manufactured and held in the famous old works of Norton Motors Limited, which now sit on the shelves in the spares department here at Unity Equipe. Following a deal with John Tickle back in 1978, Unity Equipe has since held the sole rights to the use of the term Manx as a motorcycle type name, together with the rights to produce new spares and even complete machines of the revered Manx design”. 

Everywhere you look on this Triton there is something to swoon over. 

  • The polished side cases 
  • The alloy oil tank 
  • Matt Black silencers and headers 
  • The black leather single seat with red piping and cutaway to protect your, ahem, wedding tackle 
  • The Gloss Black rear Koni springs 

Then there is that tank: the Smiths clocks, the Amals, the trumpets. It just all comes together to make a smashing looking machine. 

Our view 

The secret of the Triton’s enduring success is that it combined the best of British engine and chassis. Then there is its style. This Triton 750 has that in spades. 

Fact one. They’ve never really gone out of fashion. That can be seen by all the modern retros being put out by manufacturers today. Fact two. You cannot recreate the ‘original’ retro. We expect to see a lot of interest in this smashing Triton Wideline. 

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