1962 Austin Seven Mini

MODELSeven Mini Mk1
COLOURAlmond Green
INTERIORPorcelain Green and Dove Grey
LOCATIONEnniskillen, Fermanagh BT74

1962 Austin Seven Mini

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  • Heritage Certificate
  • In Almond Green
  • Matching numbers
  • Remarkable original condition
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  • Heritage Certificate
  • Almond Green
  • Matching numbers
  • Remarkable condition

This is where it all started. The Austin Seven Mini Mk1.

Back when the Mk1 Mini was launched, BMC had separate dealerships for its component companies, Morris and Austin. In a bizarre step, even by BMC standards, there were two different variants of the ADO15 Mini at launch. The Austin Seven Mini and the Morris Mini Minor.

Mk1 Minis are always in high demand. Due to its short run and increasing scarcity, today the Austin Seven Mini Mk1 is highly sought after, especially unrestored, good ones like this one.


  • Heritage Certificate
  • Original matching numbers car
  • First registered 24 January 1962
  • Original dealer – AC Bulpin, Newton Abbot, Devon.
  • Dealer Service Record book
  • Plenty of invoices
  • A new wing fitted 30 years ago; cost £16.00!

This Mk1 Mini has been owned by our very enthusiastic and knowledgeable vendor for around three years. He loves it. He uses it mainly for vintage and classic cars runs and club outings. He was at pains to stress to us, “I could jump in this Mini and drive it 100 miles, no problem”. We sense he is probably right too.


Early Mk1 Minis tend to come in two flavours; pretty clapped out or fully restored. It is very uncommon to see an original one like this. This one is not only full of the usual Mini character and charm, but it is packed with the feeling this car has been used and loved.

It is of course difficult to be 100% certain, but the Almond Green paint looks original. There are lots of little touch-ups here and there. And we can see some very minor cosmetic indentations on the doors. You’ll need to look closely.

None of that takes anything away from this classic Austin Seven Mini, in fact the original un-messed about with condition adds a level of authenticity and originality that is impossible to re-create on a classic car.

The usual places, like the roof drip rails and A panels are all sound. Open the boot and the bonnet, and the same applies.

If you take a look in the Gallery you’ll see our vendor has removed the front seats and carpet so you can see the condition of floors. You won’t take long to make your mind up about this Mini.

Get underneath, as our vendor has done for you, and the classic Austin Seven Mini is remarkably well preserved. Take a look in the Gallery.


The originality continues:

  • Porcelain Green and Dove Grey interior
  • Original steering wheel
  • Seat bases re-packed
  • Opening quarter lights
  • Sliding windows
  • Cable door pulls

Even the ‘hairshirt’ type sound-deadening looks like it could be factory fitted!

The door cards with chrome trims and period ashtrays are as they should be. That centrally mounted speedo with a white face and black dials is terrific. These are incredibly difficult to find now, and of course, Austin and Morris used two different ones! A rare treat to see one still in place.

From inside, or outside, the battery box is solid, always a good indicator.

The headlining and quarter trims, along with the dash covering, all look to be as they were when this Austin Seven Mini was built.  We could go on at length about the originality of this Mini. The purists amongst you will know what to look for, things like the indicator stalk and foot mounted dimmer switch to pick just two. All there.


The beautiful simplicity of the Mini mechanicals is another one of the many attractions.

The beloved A-series with the gearbox-in-sump is responsible for making the Mini move. In the MK1 Mini, the standard engine was an 850cc variant. Don’t let anyone put you off the 850 engine. With 35bhp they feel much quicker than they seem on paper. We don’t want to mislead you. It isn’t ever going to bomb down the M1 at 120mph, is it? But around town and especially flat out around corners it is the most fun you can have in a car, fully clothed.

Because of the attraction of the 1275 and Cooper models the 850 Minis have become a rare collectible commodity now.

This one has matching numbers, another rarity. Our vendor has helpfully got underneath again and shows you all the usual areas such as subframes, and suspension. You’ll judge for yourself how good it is.

Our view

The very first Austin Seven Mini Mk1 was wizardry on wheels. Many purists find the Mk1s the best of the bunch.

The early cars definitely command a significant premium over later equivalents. This Austin Seven Mini is interesting in its own right because of the build dates.

It is universally accepted BMC merged the Mini Minor by Morris and the Mini Seven by Austin into one brand, the Mini, in 1961. The Heritage Certificate with this one tells us it is a 1962 build. That will make it stand out as one of the very last Austin Seven Mini Mk1s.

The so-called ‘un-molested’ ones like this are very much in demand. It is unusual to find a Mini Mk1 like this. Don’t miss it.

Good luck! Please remember, our site uses anti-sniping software which ensures fairness to all bidders. So, if a bid for a lot is received in the last minute, the auction will go into a 2-minute overtime period for each subsequent bid.

Vehicle Location: Enniskillen, Fermanagh BT74 – it’s the responsibility of the winning bidder to make collection / transportation arrangements directly with the vendor.

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