1967 Volkswagen Beach Buggy LWB

MODELBeach Buggy LWB
COLOURPurple Metalflake
LOCATIONPenryn, Cornwall TR10

1967 Volkswagen Beach Buggy LWB

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  • Purple Metalflake Paintwork
  • 1300cc Engine with Manual Box
  • Twin Chrome Cannon Exhausts
  • Wolfrace Slot Mag Wheels
  • Solid floor
  • Massive box of history
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  • Purple Metalflake Paintwork
  • 1300cc Engine with Manual Box
  • Twin Chrome Cannon Exhausts
  • Wolfrace Slot Mag Wheels
  • Solid floor
  • Massive box of history

For Beach Buggies built on the chassis of an existing vehicle, the Volkswagen Beetle was most commonly used as the basis for the buggy. The Beetle platform was used because the rear engine layout improves traction, and the air-cooled engine avoids the complexities and failure points associated with a water-cooled engine. The front suspension was considered cheap and robust, and the spare parts from Volkswagen were cheap and readily available. Beach Buggies with glass-reinforced plastic (fibreglass) bodies come in many shapes and sizes.

This VW Beach Buggy is based on a 1300 Beetle that was originally registered in 1967 and as such is MOT and Tax exempt.

Our vendor has shared that he has enjoyed, maintained and cherished it for nearly twelve years but alas the time has come to find her a new home as he no longer has the time to use it as it should be used.  He understands it has been on the scene for a very long time with many in the Beach Buggy world recognising the distinct registration plate and reshaped arches.  In fact, whilst doing the research to write up this article one of the Evoke Team recognised it as being previously owned by a colleague some 20 plus years previously.

Now having spent many years down in the southwest of the country, it is still being spotted with another former owner approaching our current vendor at a petrol station.  Even though it is now adorning purple metalflake paint, it was still recognised with a young man sharing that he and his father had spent many a year working on and enjoying the Buggy. It just shows how you don’t just buy a Beach Buggy; you effectively join a community.

It will be supplied with a very impressive box of paperwork that has been collected during and before our vendor’s ownership, there are two sets of keys and the V5 is in our vendor’s name.


With the sun shining you will be in awe of the purple metalflake paintwork on the Apal customised LWB body. Very often these buggies are fully customised and maintained by the owners; it is genuinely part of the enjoyment of owning them and this example is no different.  Our vendor has spent many years turning this VW Beach Buggy into the wonder that it is now.

Our vendor advised that he chose and applied that special paintwork adding no less than 11 layers of lacquer over the immense amount of metalflake that was applied to the purple basecoat.  As with almost all Beach Buggies, it really does matter how much you can make the buggy stand out in a crowd. This example certainly does that.

It was noted that when the tub was removed for the repaint, the running gear was remarkably rust free as the floors had been replaced prior to plenty of wax oil being applied to make sure it stays that way.

Take a look through the image gallery, you will also notice that the Beach Buggy will be supplied with a bespoke removable roof covering, in almost perfect condition apart from one of the buttons needing a slight repair.  Our vendor believes it has been pulled too vigorously and has caused the cloth to slightly tear at the point.


It is plainly obvious that this section will likely be the smallest as there really isn’t that much to see on the inside! The two bucket seats are in great condition with only a little wear and tear showing on the stitching to the driver’s seat.  There is a rear bench fitted with lap seat belts and three-point belts fitted in the front.  Apart from the roll cage there really isn’t anything else to share.  Purely functional and in order.


This VW Beach Buggy is still fitted with a VW 1300cc air cooled engine, showing 97k mileage, that starts as easily as you would expect. The fact it took two turns of the key to fire it up after sitting for some months is testament to how reliable these Bug engines genuinely are.

With such a light body and not a lot else you will find out why there is such a big Beach Buggy scene. Weighing next to nothing, 1300ccs is more than enough to get that grin going, and fitted with twin chrome cannon exhausts the grin will turn into a full-on belly laugh once you get going, it is not just that lovely paintwork that will get you noticed!  That is the point though, isn’t it?

Our vendor shared that the oil has been replaced regularly with the last change being around six months ago, pretty much just before being put away through winter.  It also had a new clutch cable at the same time, our vendor also remembers that he replaced the driveshaft gaiters fairly recently as well.

The Wolfrace Slot Mags are showing a little age but nothing a good refresh couldn’t sort out.  The tyres are not new, but due to the lack of weight and relatively low use, they still have plenty of tread.

All in all, a great package that starts first time, drives straight and true and will deliver an immense amount of fun, just as it should!

In summary

As with nearly all Beach Buggies, they stand out in a crowd.  This purple metalflake example certainly does that, add those Chrome Cannon exhausts and you will be the talk of the “Beach”.  A fantastic example of a VW Beach Buggy to be enjoyed immediately or do as everyone else does and make it your own.

Either way someone is going to have an immense amount of fun over the summer months because we expect this great example to be very popular.

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Vehicle Location: Penryn, Cornwall, TR10 – it’s the responsibility of the winning bidder to make collection / transportation arrangements directly with the vendor.

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