1982 Ford Granada Mk 2 2.8 Ghia X Estate *SOLD*

MODELGranada Mk 2 Ghia x Estate
INTERIORBeige Velour

1982 Ford Granada Mk 2 2.8 Ghia X Estate *SOLD*

  • Previously described as concours
  • Only 34k Mileage, believed to be correct
  • Fully Recommissioned
  • This 1982 Ford Granada Mk 2 2.8 Ghia X Estate sold for £8,500
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  • Previously described as concours
  • Only 34k Mileage, believed to be correct
  • Fully Recommissioned

The square and straight-lined Granada Mk2 – known internally within Ford as “Granada 78” – was released in August 1977 (for the 1978 model year) and was produced until April 1985 with this 1982 model benefitting from Ford’s mild facelift and attention to drivetrain noise, vibration, and harshness a year earlier.

The Mk 2 was essentially a reskin of the 1972 car, with new external panel work that brought the Granada into line with the manufacturer’s new design language initiated by stylist Uwe Bahnsen, taking styling cues also used on Ford’s recently launched Cortina and Mk 1 Fiesta.

The engineering was very similar to the Mk 1 with the main differences being the “Cologne” V6 engine in 2.8 form replacing the older “Essex” unit, and the introduction of features such as air conditioning and, for the top-priced 2.8 litre versions, fuel-injection. In mainland Europe, a 1.7 litre V4 was originally available.

This Granada Mk2 Ghia X

Our particular Ghia X was the flagship model when it was released and is as stunning now as it was when it left the factory. Benefitting from a full refurbishment back in 2018, with a full bill of health and valuation certificate issued by the Mk 1 and Mk 2 Granada Drivers Guild describing the car as in “concours condition” you will be extremely hard pushed to find a better one.

Surprisingly, the owners manual and service books have been mislaid but there is a very large folder containing a long list of invoices and previous MOTs. The old MOTs and invoices go back to the early 90s and are commensurate of the, believed to be correct, 34,000 miles showing on the odometer.  When taking these into account and the time warp condition of this car it seems more likely than ever to be a genuine and extremely low mileage example of this flagship car.


As mentioned previously this car has been independently described as in concours condition, don’t take their word, just look at the images in our gallery.

We pushed and pushed but our vendor is adamant that the bodywork really is that good, and with no visual dents, scuffs or scrapes this really is at the top of its game.  The longer chrome wrap around bumpers and chrome rimmed three bar grille are all immaculate and with the four age perfect auxiliary lamps, that imposing front end does not just look fantastic, it really is.

Keep walking around the Granada Mk 2 Estate and you will see the bodywork and paint are immaculate. The factory tilt and slide sunroof works perfectly and has the period wind deflector still in place, the roof rack is still in fantastic condition and the rear tailgate trim spoiler looks fantastic justifying how fully loaded this top of the range Ghia X really is.


The Ghia X variant was always a very luxurious version of an already high spec model but this particular model is just stunning. Slide into the beige velour front seat and you will immediately be in awe of its condition. Again it is a struggle to point out anything bad about the interior, with its new carpets and spotless seats you have to look hard and our vendor has, he has pointed out a small crack in the dash to the right of the instrument cluster that can just be seen with a keen eye in the images.

Take a look at the switches and buttons and you will see very little wear, again commensurate to the incredibly low mileage, our vendor was unsure if the air conditioning works as he has never used it, we suspect it is well overdue a re-gas but that is an inexpensive fix.  He did say that all the switches work and operate their ancillaries as they should with the exception of the heated seat.  Even the famously temperamental electric seats and windows operate correctly.

The door pads are in fantastic condition with the smallest amount of wear on the drivers armrest, the roof lining is perfect, even the rear parcel shelf cover is in place without any rips or tears.


This Cologne V6 is a notably smooth-running power pack, providing excellent performance with 162 ft./lb. torque at 4,300 rpm. It is exceedingly smooth with 70mph arriving with only 3300 revs on the tachometer.  Mated to the factory five speed gearbox, another nod to the exceptional spec, it really does just cruise along.  Our vendor has shared that there is a very slight over-rev now and again but which is hardly noticeable, especially when motoring along, which it does perfectly.

These Cologne V6 engines were engineered to outperform and be more efficient than the earlier Essex V6 and that is felt as soon as you turn the ignition key.

Wheels Tyres Suspension and other

The Ghia X 14inch alloy wheels are in wonderful condition with only the keenest of eyes finding any scrapes or scuff, the 185/70 14 matching Michelin Energy tyres look like new with miles of tread left on them, the matching spare wheel looks like it has never left the boot and the tyre still has the nobbles present.  Even the original jack and wheel brace are still in place.

As mentioned in the engine section the car drives impeccably well with no knocks or squeals present.  A truly well looked after and sorted example of this flagship model.

Our view

If you are looking for what, we believe, is the best example of this flagship Ford cruiser then there really is no need to look any further as this really is a stunning looking Granada Mk 2.  To add to that, the values of these have been creeping up steadily over recent years and are expected to keep going so now is probably the best time to snap one up.

Those of a certain age will remember that the 2.8i Granada was immortalised in the TV series The Sweeney.  It was an immensely cool car then and that coolness still remains!

Vehicle Location: Crowthorne, Berkshire RG45– it’s the responsibility of the buyer to make collection / transportation arrangements directly with the vendor.

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